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Update time = Sat Aug 24 22:00:03 PDT 2019
Here are the earthquakes appearing on this map, most recent at top ...

        y/m/d     h:m:s     deg     deg     km
 2.8 2019/08/23 09:21:32 40.271N 124.739W 22.9   53 km (33 mi) SW  of Ferndale, CA
 1.6 2019/08/20 19:39:24 40.361N 124.263W 31.1   20 km (13 mi) SW  of Rio Dell, CA
 2.1 2019/08/20 07:49:23 40.347N 124.468W 21.1   31 km (19 mi) SW  of Ferndale, CA
 2.3 2019/08/18 21:06:51 40.476N 124.669W 24.3   36 km (22 mi) WSW of Ferndale, CA
 2.4 2019/08/18 20:03:51 40.597N 124.325W 20.2    6 km ( 4 mi) WNW of Ferndale, CA
 1.9 2019/08/18 01:49:08 40.356N 124.566W 15.5   35 km (22 mi) SW  of Ferndale, CA

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