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Station Information

Station Information System (SIS): Project Development

The SCEDC has developed an improved Station Information System (SIS) for the Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN). This system has been the source of station metadata for the SCSN/SCEDC since September 2006. Updates of any field work resulting in a response change are distributed to SCEDC applications and users within 24 hours.


SIS poster presented for 2015 SSA Meeting [3MB]





The Station Information System used by the SCEDC and SCSN has the following capabilities:
  • Provides accurate station/channel information for active stations to the SCSN real-time processing system, which uses ANSS AQMS software
  • Provides accurate station/channel information for active and historic stations that have parametric data at the SCEDC e.g., for users retrieving data via STP from the SCEDC or for analysts post processing events.
  • Provides all necessary information to generate dataless SEED volumes for active and historic stations that have data at the SCEDC.
  • Provides all necessary information to generate COSMOS V0 metadata information.
  • Is updated through a web interface that is designed to minimize editing mistakes.
  • Allows stations to be added to the system with a minimum, but incomplete set of information using predefined defaults that can be easily updated as more information becomes available. This aspect of the system becomes increasingly important with historic data when some aspects of the meta-data are simply not known.
  • Facilitate statewide metadata exchange for both real-time processing and provide a common approach to CISN historic station metadata.
  • Integration with ANSS AQMS software


Recent Development

SIS is currently being developed for use by multiple networks. Please see the SIS wiki for updates.

New features were recently added to SIS to faciliate station upgrades as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The primary purpose of the new features was for SIS to provide more useful information regarding station operation and maintenance. These features include:

  • Store instrument ownership
  • Track instrument firmware updates and other settings
  • Track station hardware changes for non-response hardware such as powersystems and telemetry devices


Future Development

The focus of future and on-going development includes enhancements to both the database schema and the user interface. Some of the planned features are:


  • Improve reporting capabilities and dessemination of the data in SIS to the scientific community and the station operators.
  • Improve user interface for creation of new instrument types.
  • Improve user interface for the data entry of incomplete channel response metadata
  • Track station telemetry paths. This information includes:
    • Qualitative description of the telemetry type of a path segment.
    • Telemetry hardware associated with a path segment.
    • Telemetry hub location for a path segment; this allows SIS to display the station telemetry paths on a map.
  • Integration with Issue tracker software


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