LARSE 99 Sample Shot Images

The following are examples of the LARSE 99 shot records shown on the Fall 1999, AGU Poster. The images are available as both gif files which can be directly viewed on your web browser, or as ps files which can be downloaded via ftp. The ps-files are better, but not by a lot.

The numbers associated with each image indicate the distance of the shot from the coast. The layout of the experiment is shown on the linked location map. Unfortunately the specific shots points are not indicated on the map.
Sample LARSE 99 Shots
Image Name Shot # Size GIF File PS File
Shot_11 44 500 lbs GIF PS
Shot_13 9E 2800 lbs GIF PS
Shot_21 33A 1000 lbs GIF PS
Shot_52 75 500 lbs GIF PS
Shot_56 62 1000 lbs GIF PS
Shot_60 74 1000 lbs GIF PS
Shot_83 14 20 lbs GIF PS
Shot_84 19 5 lbs GIF PS