Station Information


NP & CE Station Aliases Used before Februrary 2012

The SCEDC archives strong-motion data from the National Strong-Motion Program (NSMP; network code NP) and the California Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP; network code CE). These organizations identify their stations with a numerical code which previously could not be processed by the SCSN real-time and post-processing systems. To work around this problem, the SCSN assigned an alias to each of these stations until a method of processing numerical station-names was developed.

A solution was implemented by the SCSN and all new strong-motion data is now available under the numerical name assigned by its originating network. For past data (prior to February 2012), users will need to be aware of both the numerical name and the alias applied by the SCSN. In the future, we aim to serve the data only under its numerical station identifier.

Net Alias Number Location Descripiton
CE 400K 24400 East Los Angeles, Obregon Park
CE G405 14405 Rolling Hills Estates, Vista School
CE J732 23732 San Bernardino, Devils Canyon Rd.
CE K851 24851 Los Angeles, W. 3rd & Cloverdale
CE K853 24853 Los Angeles, W. Temple & N. Virgil
NP BBA 5398 Burbank, Burbank Airport
NP BBB 5271 Bombay Beach, Hwy 111
NP BVH 5402 Beverly Hills, Civic Ctr and Foothill
NP CAB 5404 Calabasas, Pk Sorrento and Pk Granada
NP FLL 5401 Fillmore, Santa Clara & Chamberburg Rd
NP GRF 141 Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory
NP JAB 655 Sylmar, Balboa Blvd.
NP JFP 655 Sylmar, Balboa Blvd.
NP JGB 655 Sylmar, Balboa Blvd.
NP LAX 5399 Los Angeles International Airport
NP LT2 5030 Little Rock, Off Pearblossom Hwy (138)
NP OKV 5403 Oak View, Hwy. 33
NP SSW 5062 Calpatria, Salton Sea Wild Life Refuge
NP TCF 5081 Fernwood, Topanga Canyon Blvd.