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Los Osos Fault Zone

TYPE OF FAULT: normal, reverse, and thrust faulting all represented within the zone
LENGTH: about 45 km
NEAREST COMMUNITIES: Los Osos, Edna, San Luis Obispo
MOST RECENT SURFACE RUPTURE: Holocene along a 5 km segment near San Luis Obispo; otherwise, Late Quaternary
OTHER NOTES: A very complex set of fault segments, the eastern half of the Los Osos fault zone is sometimes referred to as part of the Edna fault zone, an apparently older zone of faulting that branches off near where the two fault zones cross Highway 101. At its western end, the Los Osos fault zone may extend offshore to intersect the Hosgri fault zone. Toward the east, the zone ends in a complex intersection involving the West Huasna fault zone and the Oceanic fault zone (not shown on the map).


This fault is featured on the following map:
Northwest Fault Map