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1979 Malibu Earthquake

TIME: January 1, 1979 / 3:15 pm PST
LOCATION: 33° 56.6' N, 118° 40.9' W 13 km (8 miles) south of Malibu 37 km (23 miles) west of Los Angeles
DEPTH: 11.28 km

The 1979 Malibu earthquake caused only minor damage in the areas closest to the epicenter, though it felt as far away as Kings County, Kern County, and San Diego County. Perhaps the most unique feature of this earthquake was its timing -- the earthquake occurred while that year's Rose Bowl college football game (USC vs. Michigan) was going on in Pasadena, and some of the fans in the stadium were alarmed by the shaking, but the game continued (USC won, 17-10).

1989 Malibu Earthquake

TIME: January 18, 1989 / 10:53 pm PST
LOCATION: 33° 55' N, 118° 37.6' W 16 km (10 miles) south of Malibu 32 km (20 miles) WSW of Los Angeles
DEPTH: 11.86 km

Several people were injured, shelved items fell in local stores, and some windows were broken in the shaking of the 1989 Malibu Earthquake. Hardest hit was the coastal region encompassing Malibu, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach, though damage was low even in that area. Slight damage was also reported in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Monterey Park, and Lancaster.