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Faults of Southern California

Mojave Region

This map covers most of the region known as the Mojave Block. Though most fault types can be found here, this region is dominated by northwest-trending, right-lateral strike-slip faults, the densest cluster (centered roughly at Barstow) of which is often known as the Eastern California Shear Zone (ECSZ). This zone is estimated to accommodate between 9 and 23% of the relative motion between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. Fortunately, the risk of casualties and damage posed by rupture along faults in the Mojave Block is mitigated by the fact that it is a sparsely developed area. While the Landers earthquake of 1992, which ruptured seven faults in this area, did cause significant damage and numerous casualties, the losses from the exact same quake occurring near a metropolitan area would certainly have been much greater.

Mojave Region