Access Data

Cloud Hosted Archive

Why Use the SCEDC AWS Public Dataset

The SCEDC waveform archive is already open to the public. One might ask, why host it in the cloud? What advantages does this bring to the user?

Increased Performance

The SCEDC cloud archive is part of the AWS Public Dataset program. This allows us to leverage Amazon’s considerable infrastructure. Users can provision gigabit connections to the archive as well as take advantage of the numerous computational resources offered by AWS.

Efficient Workflow

Spend more time analyzing data, not retrieving it: in the traditional model, users needed to download a copy of the data before beginning analysis. Now researchers can analyze on the cloud archive itself, removing the time consuming, data download step.

A More Customized Computing Environment

Computer resources customized to research, not the other way around: with cloud computing, users can use exactly what resources are required, for as long as required. Stop being a slave to the hardware life cycle!

Lowering the Barriers For Scientific Investigation

Ever thought of of a research question, but didn’t bother because it was too onerous finding a server or storage space? Cloud computing lowers or even removes that hurdle.

Okay, But Isn't this Sounding like an Amazon Commercial?

Many cloud providers offer similar services and the SCEDC strives to make its software agnostic to a particular interface or resource. In particular, the SCEDC cloud archive is basically putting a web address on each waveform file - a concept we feel is more fundamental to cloud hosting than a particular vendor, and can also be utilized by on premises software and services as well.